About Ellis

It all began with a rock collection, 
a hidden family legacy and a macramé jeweler in India.
Lauren was always a tactile child; always working with her hands, she loved creating delicate clay horses less than a half inch in size, and when painting opted for a finger or foot rather than a brush. Her broad interest in creating was given a specific hold when she befriended a macramé jeweler while spending time in a small Indian town tucked away in the foothills of Himalayas. What happened there re-ignited her love for gems and the art of jewelry making. Lauren's desire to pursue this art was further confirmed by the life of her late grandfather, a man with whome she shares a birthday and who was himself discovered to be a metal worker. As she delved into her family history, she caught sight of how deeply her roots have shaped her. And so- she took the leap!
She has since received various diplomas from sources such as The Appalachian Center for Craft and New Approach School for Jewelers, having completed over 460 hours of training under the renowned Blaine Lewis at the latter.  She continues to pursue further educatioin and coaching in order to hone her craft.
Lauren celebrates the processes of life—the process of creating jewelry, and the greater process of cultivating and discovering one's self. Every piece of Lauren's work is hand-crafted from recycled metals, found stones and objects and ethically mined gemstones as she wades through struggle, joy, identity, or is moved by someone she loves. Many of her inspirations come to her during dreams in the night.
She invites others to join her on this journey through the jewelry she makes, hoping that the vulnerability seen in her work will encourage her customers to do the same.