Dreamcatcher Pre-Layered Necklace

Dreamcatcher Pre-Layered Necklace


Double stranded Necklace featuring a simple handmade dreamcatcher charm.
Already layered so you don't have to.
A symbol to remind us to honor our dreams.

Read below to learn more about dreamcatcher symbolism.

Materials: 14k Gold Fill, Bronze & Polished Copper

*Note: All brass, copper and patina'd items have been sealed with a jeweler's sealant to protect finish and patina. As with all jewelery, avoid contact with water and chemicals to increase the lifespan of your wearable art.

More about dreamcatchers:
Believing to have originated with the Ojibwe tribe, dreamcatchers were later adopted by the Lakota and other Native American tribes. The ojibwe people believe dreams can offer guidance to aid in their personal lives.  They believe dreams can show insight into past and future events that will affect them or other members of the tribe. They often make charms which represent symbols seen in their dreams, which they carry with them through their life and into the afterlife. The traditions of each tribe's interpretation of the dreamcatcher varies, but at the center its the same: The dreamcatcher dispels nightmares and aids the sleeper in peaceful sleep and helpful dreams. Regardless of your beliefs, there is beauty in symbolism and this charm represents our need to honor our dreams.