Gold Herkimer Ring

Gold Herkimer Ring


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16g Gold Band featuring approx 8mm Herkimer center stone.
A delicate and minimal look but one that is sure to stand out.
Read below to learn more about Herkimer Diamonds.
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Materials: 14k Gold Fill, Herkimer stone

*Note: All brass, copper and patina'd items have been sealed with a jeweler's sealant to protect finish and patina. As with all jewelery, avoid contact with water and chemicals to increase the lifespan of your wearable art.

More about Herkimer Diamonds:

Herkimer "diamonds" are actually quartz that naturally grows double terminated. Found in the upstate New York area, Herkimer stones are usually mined by families and hobbyists who do it for the love.  This lends them to being a naturally "low impact" stone with very few human  rights violations, something we take very seriously at Ellis Fine Jewelry.  We only purchase our stones directly from the familes who did them up for the love of digging.
Healers believe that Herkimer stones are high amplifiers of spiritual energy and they are used in meditations, dream & vision work, and advanced spiritual applications.